Our Services

Our Services

Temporary Housing (COMING SOON!) – We will provide temporary housing solutions for women faced with eviction and other economic difficulties. Housing arrangements will be based upon program participation or lack thereof and will range from 1-3 days for non-program participants and 1-6 months for program participants. Those completing a six-month program will have an option of continuing with the program for an additional six months to further assist them in their transitioning. Each will receive intake counseling as well as evangelism and/or discipleship counseling as dictated by the selected program. 

Evangelism and Discipleship Counseling – During the welcoming and intake process, potential program participants are advised of biblical foundation, study and classes that will be used. Program leaders will observe (and discuss when applicable) the need to either evangelize or disciple incoming participants. This will then let leaders know if they should discuss salvation and the basics of Christianity first or if they are able to immediately disciple and provide wise counsel based upon application of the Word.

Discipleship Training – As women grow within their discipleship counseling process, they will also grow in their understanding of the need to disciple other women. They will then be encouraged to move to training mode, which will teach them how to effectively share the gospel with other women. This will allow them to serve as peer to peer “counselors” throughout the remainder of their program stay as well as disciplers within their church communities, at work, etc.

Internship and Service Project Program – Undergraduate and graduate level students will have the opportunity to grow in hands with hands on training as they observe program participants and activities. The programs coordinator will obtain internship requirements from various universities and seminars to design a program that will help students meet their academic goals while growing in the spiritual discipline of service. Likewise, high school seniors will be able to gain services hours by assisting with specific activities and programs.

Educational and Career Initiative – Regardless of academic or career levels, we will give women the opportunity to grow in the areas of business etiquette, resume writing, customer service and basic computer skills. We will also provide opportunities for tutoring and literacy development to further prepare women to enter the workforce.

Financial Guidance – With the help of strategic planning tools such as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and the Navigating Your Money God’s Way curriculum, we will help women develop and use budgets and savings plans that will not only help them pay debts (if needed), but will also help them live within their means so that they can stand on their feet financially after leaving the program.

“Ministry in the Middle has given me fresh insight into many different areas, many of which I assumed that I understood well.  My mentoring and discipleship sessions have been both challenging and encouraging – they are always just what I need.  I’ve learned ways to pray which is the supreme need of my day.  I want to thank Samantha for helping me set goals and advising me on ways to achieve them.” 
Virginia F. 

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“…contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality.” – Romans 12:13

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